• Velipekka Kuoppala

Velipekka Kuoppala

Vice President Sales and Business Development at Soracom Inc.

Velipekka has extensive experience in international business development, sales, and marketing towards telecom sector. Today he held position as a VP sales and business development at Soracom, an IoT platform company connecting all the people and things in the society. Before Soracom he led global sales and business development at Buzzinbees (HP spin-off), a real-time SIM activation company acquired by Gemalto. Prior to that VP sales and marketing at BlueSky Positioning‘s GPS SIM product and former Global Account Director at Oberthur Technologies, where he directed the USIM program and launched the world's first 3G SIM cards. Velipekka lives in south of France, is married with two children and likes various sportive activities.

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