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We wanted to put together an event that our partners and us would like to attend. Something that is tailored for digital and communications service providers, but also something that looks at the telecommunications business landscape with a non-traditional mindset. We want to combine cross-business insights, deep industry focus and the drive of the most ambitious start-ups in the world.

  • Greg Williams

    Greg Williams Wired

    DAY 1 / Opening Keynote
    As Deputy Editor of WIRED, Greg Williams is a leading authority on technology trends and how those impact business and society.

  • Patrick Dixon

    Patrick Dixon

    DAY 1 / Keynote
    Patrick Dixon is often described in the media as Europe’s leading futurist.

  • Risto Siilasmaa

    Risto Siilasmaa

    DAY 1 / Keynote
    Risto Siilasmaa is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nokia Corporation, and the founder of F-Secure Corporation, a Finnish internet security and content cloud service provider.

  • Kjell A Nordström

    Kjell A Nordström

    DAY 1 / Keynote
    In 2014, Kjell was named one of the world’s most influential management gurus.

  • Jeetu Mahtani

    Jeetu Mahtani HubSpot

    DAY 1 / Keynote
    Jeetu "J" Mahtani, Managing Director at HubSpot, launched HubSpot's international operations and under his leadership has grown HubSpot's customer base outside North America to over 1500 customers.

  • Linda Liukas

    Linda Liukas Rails Girls

    DAY 1 / ImpacTalk!
    Linda is a programmer, storyteller and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland.

  • Matthew Rosenquist

    Matthew Rosenquist INTEL SECURITY

    DAY 1 / ImpacTalk!
    Matthew Rosenquist is a cyber security strategist, with a passion for his chosen profession.

  • Akseli Reho

    Akseli Reho

    DAY 1 / ImpacTalk!
    Akseli is the founder and CEO of the Finnish wearable sensor pioneer Clothing+.

  • Stewart Rogers

    Stewart Rogers VentureBeat Insight

    DAY 1 / ImpacTalk!
    Currently the director of marketing technology at VB Insight, Stewart Rogers has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, managing and mentoring in the software and IT industries.

  • Kati Hagros

    Kati Hagros Kone

    DAY 1 / ImpacTalk!
    Kati Hagros, currently Senior Vice President of Development at Kone, is an experienced professional in digitalisation, global business and interdisciplinary change management.

  • Thomas Hasselman

    Thomas Hasselman QUUPPA

    DAY 1 / ImpacTalk!
    During his 20 year professional career, Thomas Hasselman has specialised in international B2B sales and marketing.

  • Mårten Mickos

    Mårten Mickos Hewlett-Packard

    DAY 1 / Fire-Side Chat
    A Silicon Valley entrepreneur and business leader, Mårten pioneered open source software and built a company worth a billion dollars.

  • Fredrik Jungermann

    Fredrik Jungermann

    DAY 1 / Geekland
    DAY 2 / Industry Benchmark
    Founded Tefficient to help telcos to measure, compare and improve competitiveness.

  • Anil Rao

    Anil Rao

    DAY 1 / Geekland
    Anil is a Senior analyst in Analysys Mason’s Telecoms Software research team and leads the OSS research for Service Assurance.

  • Steven Teitzel

    Steven Teitzel IBM

    DAY 1 / Geekland
    Steven Teitzel is a Global Solution Executive at IBM for Network Transformation within IBM’s Global Telecommunications Industry applying leading edge innovation to the relentlessly evolving world of service provider networks.

  • Luca Nadalini

    Luca Nadalini

    DAY 1 / Geekland
    As the Head of OSS-ISS-Fulfillment at POST Technologies in Luxembourg, Luca Nadalini is currently managing the BETR project, which involves replacing the legacy system on which the company runs, with a new constellation of systems built around the Comptel Fulfillment suite.

  • Rohit Talwar

    Rohit Talwar

    DAY 2 / Keynote
    Rohit Talwar is an award winning global futurist, entrepreneur and specialist advisor.

  • Mark Curtis

    Mark Curtis Fjord

    DAY 2 / ImpacTalk!
    Mark Curtis, Chief Client Officer at Fjord, is a serial entrepreneur and innovator who has worked in media, digital, mobile and design for 30 years.

  • Steve Bell

    Steve Bell

    DAY 2 / ImpacTalk!
    Steve Bell is an experienced strategy and technology analyst, as well as accomplished speaker, whose coverage at Heavy Reading includes the Internet of Things (IoT) and related technologies.

  • TS Narayanan

    TS Narayanan Tech Mahindra

    DAY 2 / ImpacTalk! & Geekland
    Narayanan (“TS”) has over 28 years of experience in the Telecom industry and is currently a Senior VP with Tech Mahindra being responsible for Tech Mahindra’s telco operations in the UK.

  • Lars Torstensson

    Lars Torstensson TELE2

    DAY 2 / Industry Benchmark
    Lars Torstensson has worked at Tele2 since 2007, where he recently was given a new title: EVP New Growth & Strategy.

  • Venu Venkatesh

    Venu Venkatesh Bharti Airtel Limited

    DAY 2 / Industry Benchmark
    As a general manager with Bharti Airtel Limited, Venu uses his telecom and IT domain expertise to deliver maximum business value and profitability through strategic innovation.

  • Pradeep Shrivastava

    Pradeep Shrivastava Reliance Reliance Jio

    DAY 2 / Industry Benchmark
    The Chief Marketing Officer of the startup digital company Jio. With investment of over USD 12 Billion, Jio is slated to be the largest launch ever in India later this year.

  • Ted Matsumoto

    Ted Matsumoto

    DAY 2 / Industry Benchmark
    A former board member and Chief Strategy Officer of SoftBank Mobile Corp., Ted Matsumoto is a veteran within the telecommunications domain with an extraordinary capability to paint the future.

  • Ed Hyde

    Ed Hyde Qrious

    DAY 2 / Industry Benchmark
    Currently CEO of Qrious, a Big Data and Analytics business, Ed has also been responsible for the development of a number of start-ups in the data and mobile domain.

  • Minette Navarrete

    Minette Navarrete Kickstart Ventures Globe Telecom

    DAY 2 / Industry Benchmark
    Minette Navarrete is Vice-Chairman and President of Kickstart Ventures, Inc., and Senior Vice President at Globe Telecom, focusing on New Business.

  • Horacio Goldenberg

    Horacio Goldenberg Telefonica

    DAY 2 / Industry Benchmark
    With 25 years of extensive Business and Technical experience in the Communications Service Providers Sector, Horacio Goldenberg serves currently as Global IT Chief Architect for Telefonica worldwide.

  • Veera Mustonen

    Veera Mustonen

    DAY 2 / Panelist
    Veera is Head of Smart Kalasatama, a large scale Smart City program in Helsinki.

  • Caterina Fake

    Caterina Fake Findery

    DAY 2 / Panelist
    Cofounder of Flickr and Hunch, and CEO and founder of Findery, Caterina Fake is one of the most innovative internet entrepreneurs and executives working today.

  • Stefan Moritz

    Stefan Moritz Veryday

    DAY 2 / Panelist
    Director of Service Design at Veryday, one of the world’s top-ranking design and innovation consultancies.

  • Pekka Sivonen

    Pekka Sivonen Vertical Accelerator

    DAY 2 / Panelist
    General Director at Vertical Accelerator, Pekka Sivonen is an internet veteran with more than 30 years of background in IT.

  • Jarno Limnéll

    Jarno Limnéll Insta Group plc

    DAY 2 / Panelist
    Jarno Limnéll is the Professor of Cybersecurity in Finnish Aalto University and he also works as Vice President of Cybersecurity in Insta Group plc

  • Milan Ruzicka

    Milan Ruzicka T-Mobile

    DAY 2 / Fire-Side Chat
    Milan Ruzicka specializes in new market entry and turn-around & has a track record of developing and executing winning marketing strategies challenging the status quo in the market and sparking growth.

  • Alan Quayle

    Alan Quayle

    DAY 2 / Geekland
    For over two decades, Alan has worked at the bleeding edge of IT and Telecoms; he is an independent Engineer who focuses on the commercialization of telecom technology.

  • Dean Bubley

    Dean Bubley

    DAY 2 / Geekland
    An analyst & futurist with over 20 years’ experience, Dean Bubley is known as a contrarian and visionary, often with challenging opinions that go against industry consensus.

  • Fawzi Fares

    Fawzi Fares CLOUDSENSE

    DAY 2 / Geekland
    As CloudSense’s Enterprise Solutions Director and Co-Founder, Fawzi Fares is leading the architecture, design and implementation of strategic solutions.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk

    Gary Vaynerchuk

    Considered a quintessential maven of modern-day marketing.

  • Ville Tolvanen

    Ville Tolvanen

    Ville Tolvanen is Advisor for growth, strategy and differentiation.

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